Born in 1961 in Venice, Norberto Moretti graduated from his hometown’s School
of Fine Arts in 1977. He continues as an apprentice with glassmaker Alfredo Barbini, and in 1982 works as a decorator on glass for the Guglielmo Sent manufacture in Murano where he trains in the arts of enamel and gold leaf decorations on glass, while perfecting his ornamentation techniques at S.A.L.I.R. also in Murano.
When he opens his first workshop in 1992, he specializes in classic Venetian work, while also experimenting on personal pieces that showcase refined aesthetics.

After 2003, in his new studio-gallery in Venice, Norberto Moretti dedicates himself fully to design pieces with a moving and delicate identity. He is also a designer for Salviati in Murano where he rediscovers his aesthetic roots.

In 2012, he moves to France where he opens a new workshop, in which he devotes himself exclusively to the creation of unique pieces.

Norberto draws objects with clean lines, refined colors, contemporary yet rooted in tradition.
Works that are born from an age-old gesture, calm and serene, and from an unwavering craftsmanship and hidden knowledge, free from the trends of the moment.
His creations speak to us and paint with elegance a story about passion, a story about the tradition and dreams of an art, the art of glasswork that finds in Norberto Moretti a surprising interpreter.